Business English Communication

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  1. 2 de novembro de 2020

    This class was amazing! I was able to identify clearly what I have to change in my “business english communication”.
    Could you explain the topic “fill in the gaps” again, please? I guess I did not follow the meaning.

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    3 de novembro de 2020

    Thank you so much, Ms Luana Teixeira!
    Of course I can!
    “Fill in the gaps” in a CV is related to situations where you have a blank space in your CV (so you have a gap) but you have done something at that moment. Take a look at this example in a CV:
    Fox News (2018, Sep. – Currently)
    CBS International (2016, Jan. – 2018, Feb.)

    In this example, the person has a gap in its CV:
    2018, February – 2018, September.
    But in this period this person was on maternity leave or was on sabbatical traveling the world, or whatsoever the reason was. The person was doing something. The employer cannot guess what you were doing if you do not write it, so they will probably understand simply as a period you were unemployed. That is why you should always state that in your CV. Is it clearer now? I hope so! If not, ask me again.
    Best regards,